All Poppy playtime Characters Details: Chapter 3 [2023]

poppy playtime characters details

Are you a poppy playtime game lover and interested in knowing about its characters? Which character do you like the most in this game? Poppy Playtime is a terror game and is appreciated for its fascinating storyline, supported by various mysterious characters. You will encounter most of these toys while visiting an abandoned toy factory.

Let’s discuss Poppy Playtime all the characters and their role and features.

Poppy playtime Characters Categories

Poppy playtime Characters are classified into the following categories:

  1. Main Mascots
  2. Swap-Imals
  3. Employees
  4. Experiments
  5. Additional
  6. Upcoming

1. Main Mascots of Poppy playtime characters

The main mascot includes the following Poppy playtime characters:

Poppy Playtime Doll

Poppy Doll

The poppy playtime doll is the first exciting character in a playtime toy factory and is introduced in first chapter as a minor character and later appeared as a significant character in chapter 2. A cute doll looking like a real girl has rosy cheeks and red curly hair with a blue bow and wears a blue gown.

Huggy Wuggy

Huggy Wuggy Character

Huggy Wuggy is one of the main mascot characters produced by playtime Co. and appeared as a significant character in poppy playtime chapter 1. He is a blue creature with dark eyes, twice as long legs and hands as you are, boneless, and more lethal than it appears. He can reach you and attack you anytime unexpectedly.

Kissy Missy

Kissy Missy

Kissy Missy is the female version of Huggy Wuggy and was produced by playtime Co after one year of Huggy Wuggy’s release. She is a pink monster who is constantly willing to kiss you. She appeared as a minor character in second chapter



Bron is a small red dinosaur that appeared in chapter 1 as a minor character. He appeared as a significant character in second chapter, creating difficulty for The Player to face in chapter 2 to complete the task.

Candy Cat

Candy Cat

A fat blue cat called a candy cat is famous for eating candies with his big tongue. First, she appeared in chapter 1 on posters, but later she will appear as a significant character in the chapter. Candy cat always says, “Nom nom nom! More candy!”

Boogie Bot

Boogie Bot

A tiny green robot with treads for feet and a face made of a black screen with yellow eyes is known as a boogie bot. He appeared in chapter 1 as his role is still unknown here. Fans are expecting he will appear in upcoming chapters as significant.

Mommy Long Legs

Mommy long legs

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2’s primary character is a living spider toy produced by Playtime Cooperation. in 1991. Mommy has long, flexible arms and legs and is rather hostile toward humans. Mommy’s death first has her screaming hysterically as she’s slowly dragged into an industrial grinder which causes her death.

Mini Huggies

Mini Huggies

The Mini Huggies, like Huggy Wuggy, are long-legged, furry creatures with diverse fur colors, including green, red, blue, and yellow. Their hands seem to have Sticky straps, allowing them to grasp anything. Additionally, they have four fingers and a thumb, but because their fingers and thumbs are fused in the shape of a glove, they cannot move independently.

They appear to be human-sized and significantly shorter than Huggy Wuggy. All other Huggy Wuggy-style toys have the same enormous eyeballs, bloodshot, black eyes, and massive, brilliant red lips with rows of gums.

Bunzo Bunny

Bunzo bunny

The animated yellow rabbit toy made by the Playtime factory known as Bunzo Bunny has two prominent buck teeth, two long yellow ears, and black eyes. He made his first appearance as the primary villain in the Musical Memory puzzle game in poppy playtime fly in a web.



The big flower toy made by Playtime known as Daisy has white petals and a cheerful yellow face. Her hands are made of leaves. Her identity was verified in chapter 2’s credits and on the plaque discovered in Elliot Ludwig’s office.

2. Swap-Imals


Cat bee

A cat bee is a toy that carries half-cat and half-bee characteristics. Cat bee is first introduced to players in the chapter during the Make-A-Friend section and scans her to unlock a door to escape the room.

PJ Pug-a-Pillar

PJ Pug-a-Pillar

PJ pug a pillar is a toy animal that carries half pug and half caterpillar characteristics. He appeared in second chapter in the Statues room of the Game Station.

3. Employees

The Employees category includes the following Poppy Playtime characters:

The player

The Player

Poppy Playtime’s Player serves as the game’s primary protagonist. The player of the match has power over them—the player’s ability to live rests on discovering a way out of the abandoned factory with a blue, red hand and green hand.

Leith Pierre

Leith Pierre, the Playtime Co.’s Head of Innovation, is a stern worker. He appeared in chapters one and chapter 2.

Stella Greyber

Stella Greyber is a female character and is heard in the pink VHS tape interview. She appeared in chapter fly in a web as Game Station’s announcer.

Elliot Ludwig

Elliot Ludwig

Elliot Ludwig is the inventor of the playtime company and of some of its most popular mascot figures.

Marcas Brickley

Marcas Brickley

Marcas Brickley is a male character who appears in chapter 2 when Leith Pierre is questioning the blue tape.


A dissatisfied employee of Playtime complains in his video in Chapter 2 about how he was demoted to the store room with the rejected toys in retaliation for whining excessively about his working conditions.


Avery is a human character that works for Playtime factory as a supervisor. He is a temperamental character who becomes enraged at even the most minor player’s mistakes. The Yellow VHS Tape also shows him yelling at Rich for the first time.

Jimmy Roth

Jimmy Roth

The chief marketing officer of Playtime Co. The interview with him is captured on the green tape in chapter 2.


The Scientist, supporting Playtime cooperation scientific experiments, appeared in VHS tapes in chapter 1.

4. Experiments

The Experiments category includes the following characters:

Marie Payne

Marie Payne served as a test subject for Mommy Long Legs, whose name appears on the Transfer Request item. Mommy Long Legs’ real name is Marie Payne which is revealed via evidence uncovered throughout the Poppy Playtime Chapter.

Makayla Hyssop

Makayla Hyssop was a test subject allegedly intended to be made into a Candy Cat toy.

5. Additional Characters

Following are the additional characters of Poppy Playtime:

The Prototype

Experiment 1006

The Prototype is also named Experiment 1006. He is mentioned on two VHS tapes as being a strange creature. Fans expect he will appear as the main antagonist in Poppy Playtime chapter 3.

Molly Ludwig

Elliot Ludwig’s ex-wife is Molly Ludwig. She was first made public on the Playtime Merchandise website.

Dr. Matthew Wayson

Dr. Matthew Wayson was an undisclosed employee when the formal request form item was first highlighted.


The Interviewer is an anonymous character first heard in the Pink VHS tape asking Stella Greyber why she wants to work at Playtime Co. Additionally, it’s possible—and typically assumed—that the Interviewer asked questions about unnamed potential employees.


Jaren is not very popular in this game, and we have little information about his history. He appears exclusively on the Playtime Co. Merch Tape. Leith Pierre asks him to arrange a meeting with the marketing department since one of the shirts shows Huggy Wuggy devouring a human arm, which would hurt sales.


There isn’t much background information available for Sharon. She exclusively featured on the Playtime Company Digital Collectible Tape.WhenLeith Pierre calls her a fool for not turning off the microphone the last time, leading to her termination from Playtime factory.

6. Upcoming Poppy Playtime Characters

Gas Mask

Gas Mask

The Gas Mask Teases as a major villain or valuable character in the Chapter 3 Teaser Trailer. The gas mask’s purpose and intended environment are currently unknown. The Gas Mask is a red gas mask with two yellow air filters smeared with blood. Two straps on the back make it possible for someone to wear it. Both yellow air filters contain the Playtime Co. symbol, demonstrating the connection between Playtime and this gas mask.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Characters

Following will the Poppy Playtime characters of chapter 3:

  1. CatNap
  2. Gas Mask
  3. Huggy Wuggy
  4. Kissy Missy
  5. Daddy Long Legs and Baby Long Legs
  6. Experiment 1006/ The Prototype
  7. Poppy Doll


CatNap, Kissy Missy or Daddy Long Legs from Poppy Playtime might be the main antagonist in Chapter 3.

In this game, Poppy is portrayed as a doll; as we all know, dolls are typically female.

Yes, Bunzo Bunny, a yellow-colored rabbit toy, is a man.

It has been revealed that they are spouses.

Last Words:

We’ve discussed all the poppy playtime characters, an excellent horror game on steam. These characters may be cruel or kind-hearted. That’s why they often help the players escape from the factory and sometimes serve as enemies. However, each character’s lovely, incredible nature draws your interest in the game.

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