To Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Walkthrough; Thrilling Journey 


If you have already caught up with the Poppy Playtime hype, you must know about its most exciting and adventurous chapter 2, Fly in a Web. It is because the chapter unfolds a lot of thrill, adventure, and spines-tingling yet exciting experiences. 

Notably, it would be hardly a round of one quarter to its release, and it has already gathered millions of followers, which is WOW. Not just that, but after experiencing the thrill of chapter 2, game lovers are already enthusiastically waiting for the next chapter as chapter 2 has ballooned their hopes and level of excitement. 

What exactly is the Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Gameplay? Is it worth the hype created for it? Or, most importantly, How To Play Poppy Playtime Chapter 2? All these questions have become the most frequently asked questions against the ever-growing hype of this game. 

To find answers to all these questions and a complete guide about Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 full game, you need to read this article till the end. Let’s quickly dive into the spine-tingling experiences and gameplay of Poppy Playtime Chapter 2!

An Overview of Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 GamePlay

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2, Fly in a Web, has come right after a few months of Poppy Playtime Chapter 1. The chapter was released after the immense fandom of chapter 1, and it has never disappointed its followers by giving them the most enthralling and exciting experience. 

As the game further unfolds its mysteries and a never-ending list of exciting adventures. The chapter shifted us from the threatening arms of Huggy Wuggy to the dreadful arms of Mommy Long Legs without decreasing even one level of excitement or interest of its followers.

Moreover, to successfully survive this chapter, you need to escape through the train by the end of it. Also, three hints in the game will help you escape the factory and run toward the train in the Game Station. 

What are these three hints or how can you escape, let’s unearth these mysteries further.

How To Play Poppy Playtime Chapter 2?

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Fly in a Web

As mentioned earlier, the chapter skyrockets the spooky fun of its followers by letting them witness more adventurous puzzles. Overall, the chapter revolves around one main objective: finding three hints or codes to escape the toy factory and catch the train in the Game Station.

The player faces several other adventures to find these hints and meets new characters in the game. It is vital to note that note chapter 2 brings introduces a considerably significant number of toys compared to chapter 1. Some of these are vengeful toys that put hurdles in the player’s quest to find hints, and some help the player get the train.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Creepy Start

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Walkthrough begins right where chapter 1 ends, in Poppy’s room, where the player sets Poppy free from her case. 

Notably, the room has nothing more adventurous for the player, so you need to leave the room. Eventually, you walk back to the corridor, which takes the player to a scary hallway. The hallway’s walls are painted with poppy playtime characters, and we also see some blood on the floor, hinting at some jumpscare scene that may already occur in Chapter 1.

Moreover, the hallway takes you to another room with several small doll houses and a wardrobe on its right side, next to a white door. When you open a white door, you enter a new factory area.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Grapple And Swing

While walking in the hallway, you find a corner where the path splits into three directions, e,g., Ludwig’s office, right, or left. For the time being, head over to the right and keep moving until you find a gap in the floor and pipe on the ceiling. 

You can cross this gap by swinging through the pipe. For that, you need to shoot your hand toward the pipe and grapple with hanging over the floor gap. It is vital to note that we skip entering Elliot Ludwig’s Office because we need a key to unlock its door. 

Therefore, you need to keep walking, and you will find a room at the end of the hallway, which is blocked by several empty barrels. However, you can quickly move away from these barrels using your grabby hands. Once you approach the door, open it to access the storage closet from where you will get the keys we need for unlocking Elliot Ludwig’s Office.

So, grab these keys and head back toward Elliot Ludwig’s office, 

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2: First Train Code

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Walkthrough Elliot Ludwig’s Office

Once you enter Elliot Ludwig’s office, you will be surprised to see an entirely different scenario. Unlike the spooky theme of the game, it is well-furnished and organized. The walls are painted with beautiful and eccentric portraits of other characters. 

To top that, you will find a work desk, and a beautiful Daisy status would be placed over that desk. Also, there will be a black VHS tape that you can play on the black VCR player placed right there. The VHS tape only includes an introduction of the CEO of this toy factory and some introductory lines about the leading character of this game, i.e., Poppy Doll

Moreover, you will also find a vent cover with handprints on it, by pulling that, you will enter the vent, which initially seems like a fine mechanical room—however, it later serves as a jumpscare. 

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Walkthrough Into Mechanical Room 

To enter this mechanical room, you need to go through the vent. As mentioned earlier, you first anticipate the room as a normal room, but you might get scared when you get encountered by Poppy as she speaks so unexpectedly. You will have a little conversation with Poppy so that we can hint at her character.

The second interesting happening in the room was finding the electrical plug to investigate the grapple point. It is like another puzzle. As we have said earlier, this chapter will never disappoint you through its exciting adventures and puzzles. 

Please note that to find that grapple point, you need to attach the plug while wrapping yourself around two posts and shooting your hand to another outlet to complete the circuit. Afterward, you will find a grapple over there when you return to the vent. The grapple will help you get outside this vent and Ludwig’s office, heading to the hallway.

While walking through the hallway, you will find another door. Open the door by pushing through both hands. Once the door is opened, you can enter a large room with a large hole in the floor alongside the Poppy standing next to that hole. 

When you start walking towards the Poppy doll, she will suddenly get grabbed and dragged into the hole by a mysterious hand. Jumped into that hole after her, you will be welcomed to a new factory part. And a further part means a new puzzle!

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Puzzle Two

Once you jump into the hole, you will be exposed to a new part of the factory and another new adventure. 

This adventure includes solving another circuit puzzle. Notably, once you enter this part of the factory, you see three doors, two of which are closed. One door is opened and marked as power. And inside that door, a new puzzle is waiting for you. 

After entering the room named power, you will see another electric plug behind the blue pole.

Shoot your hand to this plug while crossing the poles between the catwalk, and shoot your second hand to the power button next to the first electric plug to complete the electric circuit. 

And boom! You have now unlocked the door to the Poppy Playtime Game Station.

Mommy Long Legs Holding The Poppy Doll

Once you complete this electric circuit and leave the power room, you will head towards the hallway to get into the Game Station. 

Please note that the game station is a large open area that serves as the chapter’s main and most happening setting. This is the room where we will find entrances to Musical Memory, Wack-A-Wuggy, Statues, and most importantly, a large train which will be your escort and main ticket of this chapter. 

While walking through the hallway to reach this game station, you will see a door. As soon as you shoot your hand, an interesting character of the game, i.e., Mommy Long Legs, will take your red hand. Also, you will see her holding the Poppy doll, which was dumped into the hole earlier. It is noteworthy that she is also the game’s central antagonist.

Moreover, she gives one of the creepiest speeches of the game, revealing the reason for kidnapping poppy as she was about to provide you with the train code for your escape from this factory. The idea seems a little boring and adventureless to mommy, she said.

That’s why she kidnapped her, and she will further challenge you to solve all the puzzles of the game to earn some clues for the train code, as it will be more exciting. 

Also, being true to her antagonist role, she has been seen to give some creepy threats to the player as she says to obey the rules or she will tear and eat your insides while alive. 

With that creepies speech, she disappears along with Poppy. And you will enter the game station while shooting your Blue hand to open the door.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Walkthrough Into Game Station 

Once you cross the opened door, you find a dead PJ Pug-a-Pillar another interesting character. Also, there will be three character posters on the walls and a lever that will give you access to the central area of the game station, where you have been instructed to play games to get clues for the train code. 

After entering the game station, you can explore it for a little. Meanwhile, you will find three levers, but only one will be pullable immediately. So, pull that lever to get further navigational instructions. And the instructions will say to follow mommy and get access to musical memory as Mommy Long Legs also instructed to head towards that area. 

To enter musical memory, you will need to follow a linear path. Keep moving until you find another hole in the floor. Jump into the hole and keep moving through the dirt tunnel until you reach a dark room with four lighting buttons. It is noteworthy that this room is called the Molding Room. 

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Walkthrough Into Molding Room 

Molding Room Puzzle

Before exploring this room, let us give you some happy news. And that is through this room, and you will get a shiny new green hand as a replacement for your red hand that mommy took earlier. Exciting?

But first, turn on the lights by pulling the lever with the red flashing light. Once the lights are turned on, you will see four buttons and a tap. Play the tap for further instructions and hit the first button that has a water drop icon. Summing it up, the puzzle here is to fix the pipe you will see behind these buttons pouring water out while hitting the second button. 

You will fix that pipe, press the next button, do the task it will assign (filling the empty paint tanky with green paint), and finally get back to push the last button with the hand icon. Press the button, and hands appear on a conveyor belt. From where you will get your new hand, painted with green color. Whoah, a lovely new hand!

Once done, press the green fuse with your lovely new hand, and you are good to enter the musical memory room.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2  Walkthrough Musical Memory Room 

Musical Memory Puzzle

Finally, you are here – in the Musical Memory room. It is actually a mini-game that you need to complete for heading toward the next step. The game is about testing your memory and cognition skills. 

A button sequence will be provided to you, and you need to follow the same sequence. Once you start playing the game, Bunzo Bunny appears from the ceiling for appreciation or punishment. Please note that the game may also include sequences of colours or shapes, and the game will become tricky as it continues. Also, it has around 4 to 5 rounds. 

Once you complete all these rounds, Mommy Long Legs will appreciate and give the first clue Playtime Co Train Access Instructions clue or a part of the train code that states to put certain characters in the train console in the exact sequence given by Mommy Long Legs.

Once you get the clue, a walkaway appears, and you will fall to the ground while crossing that. From there, you will find you are a vent for moving back to the Game Station hub area. Once you open that vent you will see another new room full of colourful toys. This toom is called stock room. 

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Walkthrough Into Stock Room 

PlayCare Room

As its name suggests, the room must be the factory store for stocking different toys. Also, the room contains several toys, puzzles, posters, and check notes. 

One such toy will be a huge Bron the Dino which will be too heavy that a crane will be required to move it. You can get access to the crane by pulling a lever and then adjusting the crane according to the toy’s position by grabbing the bars.  

Also, you can grab a Bunzo statue collectible in aisle C5, placed over a stack of boxes, by using the crane again. The crane will drop the collectibles in front of you, so you can easily pick them up. Notably, there will be a cyan VHS tape that you need to grab before leaving the stock room. 

Then, get back to the hallway until you reach a power puzzle where a new electric circuit puzzle will be waiting for you. Remember we told you; the game will never let you lose interest for a single moment. All these puzzles hook the player and won’t make them bored of the game. 

You need to solve this puzzle by completing the circuit to move further in the game. Once done, a door will be opened, and you will be able to make your way back to the game station area. 

It is vital to note that each puzzle will provide you with some kind of positive reinforcement, assuring that your efforts are not going into vain, which is amazing and exciting.  

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Walkthrough for Second Train Code

Wack-A-Wuggy Game


Once you return to the game station, you can pull the second lever that was un-pullable earlier. Pull that lever to get further instructions.

Once you pull it, you will get an appreciation note for doing a fantastic job, and a new game room, Wack-A-Wuggy room, will be opened to you. Also, please note that this game is designed to test your reactionary ability. 

Moreover, it is another mini-game, just like musical memory, but a little easier than that. In this game, the room will have several holes in the walls from where Huggy Wuggy, another leading character, will crawl out. Your task is to push them before they hit you; for that, you can use your grab pack. 

Once you win this game, Mommy will give you Train Code 2, which is Color Sequence. Once you get the code, a vent will appear and get opened, go through it and keep walking until you find a room with a broken stairway. 

Climb up through this stairway, and you will eventually find tracks behind a closed door. Stand there for a while, and the Kissy Missy statue will appear to open the gate by pulling the lever. And you will be welcomed to the next puzzle! 

Complete Cart Corridors

Once she opens the door, get through the half until you reach the tracks. Here you will need to move the carts over these tracks. As you continue pushing the carts, some levers will appear. By pulling these levers, you can open the gates around the track. 

While doing so, you will also find a Blue VHS Tape featuring JackSepticEye cameo. Overall, you need to bring all these carts to an end. After doing so, get back to the game station by jumping into the hole and getting ready for the third and final game. 

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Gameplay for Third Train Code

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Statues Game

game station

Finally, you can now pull the last lever in the game station that will tell you about this chapter’s third and last game, i.e., the Statue Game.

Once you pull the lever, a door with a handle appears; open this door and head down to the statue area, where another exciting circuit puzzle will be waiting for you. 

When you enter the door, grapple up to the ledge on the left side, press the socket with your blue hand, then drop down to navigate through the poles, and press the fuse with your green hand and complete the circuit. Once done doing this, go back to the hallway, and now the door to the Statue room will be opened where you will play the final game of this chapter, i.e., Statue Game.

Please note that this game is designed to test your physical endurance. The rule of the game is that you can move in the pipe when the lights are off; however, when the lights are on, you are not supposed to move but only look. Otherwise, you will get munched. Following these rules, you must reach the pipe’s other side. 

After reaching the last point, you will find a hole in the floor, drop there and then walk until you find a gap. Cross this gap by swinging and walking through the hallway until you find a vent on your left. Grapple over this vent and go upstairs to reach the water treatment plant.

Water Treatment Plant Control Panel

Power Room Puzzle

Once you reach the point, you will find two buttons, e.g., rotate bottom 90 degrees and rotate top 90 degrees. First, you will press the rotate bottom 90 degrees button three times and find a path towards the room on your left. Also, you will find a Green Tape that you can watch if you want to, otherwise, skip watching and move to the C2 room on your left. 

To continue your game and get out of this room, you need to make a Bunzo Bunny toy. For that, you need to reach the top of the room where a machine for making toys is placed. You can go to the top through the elevator.

How to Make Bunzo Bunny Toy?

To make your Bunzo Bunny toy, you must follow the below-mentioned sequence of pushing and pulling the buttons and levers.

  • Push the red button
  • Pull the lever
  • Push the blue button
  • Push the yellow button
  • Pull the lever
  • Push the first red button
  • Push the second red button

After that, you will get your Bunzo Bunny toy. Once ready, grab it and return to the Water Treatment controls.

Water Treatment Part 2 (Room C4)

Once you return to the water treatment, you need to get access to the other side of the Water Treatment plant, mainly Room C4. To get this access, press the buttons in the following order.

  • ‘Rotate top 90 degrees’ once
  • ‘Rotate bottom 90 degrees’ twice
  • ‘Rotate top 90 degrees’ twice

After this, move towards the C4 door and put your Bunzo Bunny into the Toy Scanner to unlock the door.

After unlocking the door, keep moving forward until you find the vent on your left, and follow that until you reach a room with a hole at the centre. Swing across the gap using a grapple to reach the other side, where another circuit puzzle is waiting for you. You need to solve this puzzle to unlock the door to get access to the next room. 

The right sequence for circuit puzzle is as follows:

L > L > L > R > R

Mommy Long Legs Chase #1

After entering this room, keep walking until you reach the end of the hallway with the hole in its roof from where Mommy Long Legs will reappear. At this point, spontaneous action is really important. If you do not run away, she will attack you.

While running from her, you will have to walk through the linear path with holes in it. Move without panic; eventually, you will reach a hole and drop down through that hole. Importantly, before falling into this hole, grab the Mommy Long Legs statute placed over there.

Moreover, the hole will take you to the utterly dark basement with a large door. From there, you need to move in the opposite direction of that door. Keep moving until you reach Bay 2.

When you’re done, go back through the vent and find yourself falling into the room below. Notably, the room will have four coloured switches – two on each wall. It would be best if you pressed these switches in the following sequence to move further. 

  • One – red
  • Two – blue
  • Three – green
  • Four – yellow

Pull these switches and then return to the hallway where the Mommy Long Legs reappear. So, once she reappears, run back to bay 2 and get refuge in the hole of its ceiling. Stay there until she leaves and goes back to the hallway. Once she leaves, continue moving towards the hallway where she interpreted, keep moving over there until you find a room with a giant furnace.

To start your furnace, you need to charge your green hand. For that, go downstairs and charge your green hand, get back to this room and start the furnace. 

After that, walk down the hallway from you will find the Mommy Long Legs again. As soon as you see her appear, start running back to the forge and charging your green hand to ignite the forge so the flames shoot up and you can protect yourself from Mommy Long Legs. 

And finally, her final chase occurs when you pull the lever to stick your new cog in the door, and she will reappear again. This hide-and-seek with mommy long legs will surely give you chills to the spin. 

It is noteworthy that her final chase is identical to Huggy Wuggy’s chase from chapter 1. However, it comparatively more risk pertaining to more danger. But the good news is that it ends on a good note: while playing hide and seek with mommy long legs, you pull a lever, and she gets into that machine and gets brutally crushed. It means that you are finally safe for this chapter.

And we can finally sing Ding dong, and the witch is dead! 

Once she is dead, get back to the game station without any fear of running away from Mommy Long Legs, as there is no more danger. After returning to the Game Station, ask Poppy for the third clue, Train Code 3: Order Sequence and she will provide you. With that, Chapter 2 comes to an end. 

Final Words

 To conclude, Chapter 2 is actually a delight and, at the same time, a spine-tingling experience for the players. The chapter is divided into three exciting games, some interesting circuit puzzles, unique toys, mind-blowing speeches, and beautiful posters. 

All these factors contribute to giving the best experience to its players. In short, Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is a series of exciting adventures that will not let you lose interest in it for a single moment. Let’s hope and anticipate for Chapter 3 what new toys and experiences will bring!

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