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Is Poppy Playtime scary?

poppy playtime age rating under 8

People are asking, “is poppy playtime the scariest game?” and what is the appropriate poppy playtime age rating?
Poppy Playtime isn’t all that scary for adults and horror game lovers, But it might be terrifying for kids under eight and people with weaker hearts and problems with nightmares.

When the Huggy Wuggy attacked the gamer through the tunnel in chapter 1, this is a frightening but amazing dramatic chase scene. Around the game are some lifeless toys with dried blood, and when you hit Huggy with the container, he drops to the ground and strikes the pipes, forming a blood stain. Other than this, the game is not particularly bloody or violent. The puzzles are challenging but not overly complex, and the grab-pack feature is fantastic.

Scary Poppy Playtime

Mommy Long Legs scary

We will discuss “how scary is poppy playtime?” in chapter 2.

Probably Chapter 2 is more horrific than chapter 1. Huggy Wuggy’s pursuit was somewhat terrible, but the Mommy Long Legs attack scenario in chapter 2 is terrifying because it is much more tricky to navigate on your first effort. The chapter almost lasts around 2 hours, which is fantastic compared to the chapter, which is only 30 minutes. Puzzles are more complex in this chapter. Parents should be aware that Mommy Long Leg’s death scenario in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 is violent. She is crushed in a machine, and her body spews blood when she dies. Death is far more brutal and violent than Huggy Wuggy’s fall in chapter 1.

Chapter 2 is AMAZING despite all of this! The entire game is fantastic, and that’s why gamers are anxiously waiting for chapter 3.

Poppy Playtime Age Rating

Age limits are typically placed on horror games that include violent, brutal, bloody scenes and horrible deaths. These things were not included in Poppy Playtime. According to Zach Belanger, chief executive officer of Enchanted Mob/Mob Games, Poppy Playtime does not have an age limit. Still, it is essential to remember that players over eight should play the game. He also said that These are ginormous, awful, scary toys in this game. It’s not graphic, gory, or the stuff of nightmares.

ESRB and PEGI Age Rating for Poppy Playtime

ESRB and PEGI age rating

ESRB(Entertainment Software Rating Board)  has classified the game as appropriate for players 13 and older, while PEGI(Pan European Game Information) has rated it as proper for players 12 and older. In the United States and Canada, the self-regulatory body known as ESRB gives age and content ratings, specifically for video games. The European variant of this rating system, PEGI, assigns a content-based rating to video games and applications along with suggested age ranges. These organizations help you decide whether a particular game is suitable for your youngster to play or not.

Parents Guide About Poppy Playtime Age Rating

Parents should pay extra attention to their child’s behavior if they are horror game lovers and act up while playing.

  1. Firstly check if the poppy playtime content is placed in a category that is suitable for your younger one or not.
  2. Explain to them that these characters do not exist in the real world if they feel anxiety and sleeplessness.
  3. If they feel nightmares talk to them and assure them they are safeguarded regardless
  4. These recommendations can help you feel safe and secure if poppy playtime visuals negatively affect your child.

Parents Review Poppy Playtime Age Rating

Different parents have different reviews for this game according to their child’s age:

  1. Game of teenage terror.
  2. Excellent and enjoyable, but very awful.
  3. Not suitable for small children under age 8.
  4. A pretty violent and aggressive game that includes some monster violence

Child Review about Poppy Playtime Age Rating

Different children have different reviews for this game according to their age group:

  1. AWESOME individual horror game!
  2. For ages 8 and up.
  3. Scary, with thrilling chase scenes and tricky riddles. The most graphic moments involve deaths.
  4. It’s way too intense for younger people to watch horrible situations.


No, it’s not safe for kids under age 8. Poppy playtime is appropriate for ages 8 and up. Poppy Playtime’s toys can frighten and terrify children.

This may cause 

  1. Anxiety
  2. Nervousness
  3. Sleeplessness
  4. Nightmare

 Yes, it’s scary for kids but not for adults and horror game lovers. The game has a horror theme, with dried blood on floors, monsters, malicious dolls and hostile toys that may attack the player at any time.

It can be inappropriate, especially for children, as seen by the violence, screaming, sounds, and sights.

Poppy playtime is appropriate for players 13 and older according to ESRB and suitable for players 12 and older by PEGI.

Poppy playtime age rating for the UK is ages 8 and up.

The game’s colorful graphics, abandoned toys, and adorable yet slightly unsettling plush monster and cute doll poppy drew the people’s attention. They love Poppy Playtime because of its familiar theme. That’s why poppy playtime is so popular.

Final Verdict:

Poppy playtime is the scariest game as compared to other horror games. It does not seem terrifying to the adult age group, but it is inappropriate for small children. Age rating, content indicators, and reviews are discussed in detail, so parents can take a guide from this article on whether the game  Poppy Playtime is appropriate for their child.

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