How to Play Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 I Beginner’s Guide 

How to play poppy playtime

Poppy Playtime is an exciting horror game that you can easily download for free from Steam at any hour. The game is exciting since it’s full of adventures as the player faces plenty of puzzles and hurdles throughout the game. Or, we can simply say Poppy playtime is a horror survival game in which the player encounters plenty of vengeful toys.  

The setting of the game is an abandoned factory which adds to the spooky theme of the game. In a nutshell, poppy playtime is a survival plus puzzle game that is further spiced up by its spooky theme. Therefore, many novice poppy playtime players end come one question after seeing the game teaser. And that’s how to play poppy playtime. 

Well, if you are also one of them, worry not! We are here to make you a poppy playtime ninja because this article is a complete beginner’s guide featuring easy and feasible tips that will perfectly answer your question – how to play poppy playtime.

Poppy Playtime Game Overview

As mentioned above, Poppy playtime is a horror and puzzle game that baffles players to make survival possible. The two potential threats to the player’s survival are game puzzles that players find in navigating through the abandoned factory. 

The other leading threat to the player’s survival is lots of little Poppy Playtime mascots who are authoritarian and vengeful. These little mascots welcome players at every step or stage within the game and leave the player to wonder how to play poppy playtime with a new adventure. 

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Also, it is vital to note that this game has already become the most recently launched and widely played independent survival horror game worldwide. It’s probably because Poppy Playtime is a game that will provide you with a spine-tingling experience if you enjoy playing horror adventure games. And this fact has added to the curiosity of game lovers spiking their craze for this game. 

And the good news, you can play the Poppy Playtime chapter 1 for free. However, many players remain stuck on the same question of how to play poppy playtime as it will give a real nail-biter experience. So, here are a few essential and practical tips to survive in this game till the end. 

How to Play Poppy Playtime; Important Tips For Beginners 

We have categorized below the essential tips that will answer all your concerns regarding poppy playtime puzzles and adventures. Also, the suggested tips will provide ample information to answer game lovers’ most frequently asked questions, e.g., how to play poppy playtime. 

Looking for deserted buildings to explore

Poppy Playtime Toy Factory

You won’t have trouble finding your way to the deserted toy factory. And its credit goes to the game’s realistic 3D graphics. Precisely, there are a lot of rooms to look into for each event or adventure of the game. Also, keep in mind that each chapter will concentrate on a different set of events.

In the terrifying game Poppy Playtime, it is nearly impossible to get disoriented because the puzzles and hints will always point you in the right direction. In addition, it would be best if you avoided scary toys that attempt to stop you or want to be your friend.

1.Search for VHS Tapes

The video cassettes will be the best way for the player to understand more about the lore of Poppy Playtime, and they may even provide the player with some hints and strategies for how to play the game on occasion. These cassettes, advertised as “instructional” videos and used for workplace training, can be seen strewn over the manufacturing facility.

Even though it is not required to watch them, a player should try to locate these cassettes and protect them, even if it is unnecessary. There will be instructions that will help the player to figure out how to use something they are having trouble with. In addition, the instructions will get an answer on how to play poppy playtime.

Visit the gift shop

When you arrive at the toy factory, you need to look around and check how you can get inside the building further. The security door requires a color code to get into the real factory. Some players might need help finding the code because players are more likely to miss the code at first glance. 

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Color Code

You can get a clue for this code from a train running in the toy factory. The precise order of colors to enter in the keypad is: green, pink, yellow, and red. The door will be open when you enter the following colors listed above.

2. Try Using the Grabpack

Grab Pack

You’ll get a blue Hand glove in the security room.The Grabpack will quickly become one of the player’s most trusted allies as they progress through the game. It is because the player can use Grabpack to do many different things, like interact with things and solve puzzles.

Please note that it may take some effort and time to comprehend how Grabpack operates. Therefore, we suggest the player start using Grabpack and the red hand as soon as they get them. It is because they should practice using them for a short period to avoid making any mistakes when it comes time to use the Grabpack correctly.

3. Conduct a Meticulous Search for the Fuses in the Areas

Poppy Playtime Power Control Area

In Poppy Playtime, as soon as a player obtains the blue hand for their Grabpack, they will also need to search for the red hand. Notably, it will happen right after the player has acquired the blue hand. A player will need to search for many fuses to fit them into the control panel to accomplish this objective.

It would be safe to say that the fuses appear to be formed randomly across the room, except for a single fuse. As a consequence of this, the player will search the room in great detail. On the other hand, as an added perk, this will provide the player with an excellent opportunity to practice using the blue hand when operating the Grabpack.

4. Engage With Everything

Poppy Playtime devotes a significant portion of its gameplay to the player for engaging with the surroundings. It will help the player to solve puzzles more effectively. Also, getting insight into the world around them and uncovering the truth behind the disappearance of everyone will be an added bonus for the player. After all, there are a great many secrets just waiting to be discovered.

Interacting with everything seen is the best method for finding new secrets and figuring out the next direction. There is simply no other option. A player needs to thoroughly search every room they are in, even if doing so does not result in discovering a solution to particular problems.

6. Keep Yourself Alive At Any Cost

After a certain point in the game, the player will find themselves in increasingly dangerous situations, as the massive statue of Huggy Wuggy, which now appears to have come to life and is pursuing them. At this stage, it is extremely risky for a player to remain in the exact location, especially considering how important it is for them to stay alive.

A player should try all in their power to avoid dying during gameplay. Please note that it may involve them quitting whatever they are doing and running away from Huggy Wuggy until he is gone, taking purposefully complicated routes to baffle the AI or something else. The most important thing for the player is to ensure they don’t die, which is easier said than done.

7. Avoid Coming In Contact With Huggy Wuggy

Huggy Wuggy

As soon as the player makes their way into the factory, the monster known as Huggy Wuggy will begin to pursue them. A player will feel an overwhelming sense of dread due to this, and they will do everything in their power to avoid Huggy Wuggy, especially in light of the current circumstances.

The player should go as far away from Huggy Wuggy as possible as quickly as they can. The blue monster with vicious teeth will not give up until it has captured the player, and the player will need to use everything in their arsenal to avoid being kidnapped. In short, players must do whatever it takes to preserve their own lives.

Additional Guide About How to Play Poppy Playtime?

Downloading Poppy Playtime is the first step in getting started on your adventure. The initial part of the game is offered at no cost, but subsequent chapters will require a purchase.

To install Poppy Playtime on your personal computer, you will need Windows 10 or 11 and at least 10 GB of available storage space. For the game to run as smoothly as possible on the computer, the graphics card must be at least an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or a Radeon RX 580 or higher, and there must be a minimum of 8MB of RAM.

Check these for downloading poppy playtime on Android.


In the security room, you will get an important blue VHS tape. This tape will provide you with instructions about the grab pack(Blue and Red Hand ). When the video is finished, the container containing the Blue hand will unlock.You can use this hand to complete the task against vengeful toys.

In the first chapter of Poppy playtime you have to resolve all mysteries of the abonded toy factory by fighting against Huggy Wuggy and staying alive till the end.

Wrapping Up | How to Play Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime, the latest game to become an internet sensation in the horror genre, has surprised both fans of the subgenre and streamers as it has become a craze among game lovers. To summarize, the game takes place in the Playtime Company toy factory, deserted for several years due to the unexplained departure of every employee working there.

The Player takes on the role of a former company employee and returns to investigate the cause of the incident and learn what took place. As you make the player gets into the factory, he realizes that the toys within the factory are alive and seek vengeance on anyone who enters the factory. The player must find clues and figure out puzzles to escape the terrifying traps.

Only one problem makes its crazy fans a little despair: how to play poppy playtime since it gives a real spine-tingling experience. Therefore, how to play poppy playtime has become a million-dollar question. And this article provides a detailed answer to this question. 

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