Bunzo Bunny; A Toy That Decsends Found Dead on Ceiling

Bunzo Bunny Poppy Playtime

You would not surprise to know a Poppy Playtime character that is a tiny little antagonist in the game and a cute fluffy toy in real life. 

Poppy Playtime Bunzo Bunny is one of the main antagonists that makes his debut in Chapter 2, mainly in the Musical Memory minigame. Also, it is probably the only character whose manufacturing of toy versions has been seen in the game’s plot. 

Moreover, the toy makes an impressive debut in the game, which multifold the thrill of the game. To learn more about Bunzo Bunny Poppy Playtime, his twisted personality, and his suspicious death, read this detailed article.

Bunzo Bunny Background

Bunzo Bunny Musical Memory

Bunzo Buno is one of the three mini antagonists of the game that the Playtime Corporation created. 

The toy makes his main debut in the minigame of Poppy Playtime Chapter 2, e.g., Musical Memory, in which he approaches the player as an obstacle or to jumpscare or kill if the player fails to succeed in the musical memory game. 

Bunzo Bunny Appearance

Apparently, the Bunzo Bunny resembles a rabbit. However, this anthropomorphic toy has a yellow-colored body contrasted with his cute green outfit. Moreover, his facial expressions and features create an uncanny resemblance to a clown. 

Precisely speaking, his two round black eyes are bracketed with green spotting, and his mouth is opened with a wide grin, highlighting two large teeth along with several small pointed fangs, which only become visible in his aggressive appearance. The cheeks of Bunzo Bunny are orange, similar to his long ears, which are also orange in color from the inside. 

As a typical clown figure, he wears a green party hat, just like his outfits. In addition, he has small tufts of fur around his chest and on top of his head. Also, he keeps holding two golden cymbals to celebrate birthdays which also makes his appearance amusing. 

Overall, he has a cute, funny appearance which makes him a favorite toy of children. However, his aggressive form while hosting the Musical Memory makes us think otherwise. 

Bunzo Bunny Personality

As mentioned earlier, Bunzo Bunny is the antagonist of one of the minigames in Chapter 2. However, we have seen two contradictory shades of his personality, e.g., playful and monstrous. 

Precisely speaking, due to his cute and funny appearance, he seems a very cheerful and playful character. Also, holding golden cymbals in his hands for celebrating birthdays tells us about his playful personality. His murals, cutouts, and wacky poses are considered proof of his playful nature.

Moreover, his hobby is celebrating the birthdays of different people, which is also a kind gesture, hinting at his playful and loving nature. 

However, we see an entirely different personality while hosting the Musical Memory minigame. In this game, he appears as a monstrous and sentient Bunzo, hinting at his darker and more twisted nature. The cymbals that he earlier used to celebrate birthdays are now used to show his ravenous behavior by crashing them louder and faster to pressurize the player. 

In short, we see two personalities of Bunzo Bunny. One is genuinely loving and kindful; however, the other is entirely contradictory to it, making him the antagonist of Chapter 2. 

Bunzo Bunny Jumpscare

Bunzo Bunny jumpscare is an exciting part of chapter 2 that includes putting up hurdles and making thrashing noise with the help of his golden cymbals. He crashes his cymbals louder and faster to create bewilderment for the player.

However, he eventually fails to kill the player, following Bunzo’s own death.  

Bunzo Bunny Voice Lines

The Bunzo Bunny’s famous voice lines are mentioned below. Please note that these lines are voiced by Zachary Preciado

  • I know when your birthday is! June 28th! 
  • It’s a wish happy birthday. Oh, happy birthday. Oh, happy happy birthday. Oh~ happy birthday, happy birthday to youuuu.

Bunzo Bunny Death

As mentioned earlier, Bunzo Bunny is the main obstacle of the Musical Memory in which his role is to distract, jumpscare, and kill the player. Also, if the player keeps making errors in the game, the Bunzo descends to the player and crashes his golden cymbals louder and faster. 

Once the player leaves the game area, we notice fainting of the thrashing noise of Buzno’s cymbals. It tells that Mommy Long Legs must have killed Bunzo for failing to kill the player. 

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Moreover, when the player returns to the central game station, we see the hanging corpse of the Buzno on the ceiling. Moreover, his corpse is trapped in Mommy Long Leg’s webs, depicting her as the murderer. 


Buzno Bunny is one of the secondary antagonists of Chapter 2’s minigame, Musical Memory.  

Buzno Bunny is a mascot and a secondary antagonist of the Poppy Playtime game, which the Playtime Co. created. 

Buzno is an anthropomorphic yellow rabbit who is masculine. 

Buzno Bunny eventually dies in the game. It happens after the player completes the Musical Memory game. Once the player wins the game, Buzno stops descending and making thrashing sounds with his cymbals. In fact, he stays still in his current position, and later, we see his corpse trapped in Mommy’s web hanging on the ceiling.  

Bunzo Bunny is not a girl; instead, he is an anthropomorphic yellow rabbit who appears as a boy. 

The Bunzo Bunny can only be saved if the player dies during the Musical Memory game. If he succeeds in killing the player, he can only save his life. 

Bunzo Bunny is one of the secondary antagonists of the Musical Memory minigame. His role is to put hurdles for the player and descends to jumpscare the player. 

Wrapping Of Bunzo Bunny Poppy Playtime

To conclude, Bunzo Bunny is an engaging, cute little toy in general; however, a little antagonist of the Poppy Playtime game. He makes his debut in one of the minigames of Chapter 2, in which we see his twisted personality. 

Notably, the toy has become famous among children due to its uncanny resemblance to rabbits. 

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