Bron Poppy Playtime: An Obstacle For The Player?

Bron Poppy Playtime

Bron, the dinosaur, is another interesting character we get from the character list of Poppy playtime. The Playtime Co. created this character decades ago. However, it was used in this game. The addition of this dinosaur-inspired character adds a lot of thrill, suspense, and mystery to the game.

How does Bron Poppy Playtime look? What is his role in the game? Is Poppy Playtime Bron a monstrous character like Huggy Wuggy? All your questions are answered in this detailed Character analysis of Bron. So, let’s begin with its back story.

Bron Poppy Playtime Background

As mentioned, Bron Poppy Playtime was initially created by Playtime Co. in 1961. We see him in the game more than often. However, he first made his debut in Chapter 1, A Tight Squeeze of Poppy Playtime, which was not the prominent one

Later, he made his major debut in Chapter 2: Fly In The Web, where he appears as a monster. We also see his counterpart thoroughly smeared in blood. His monstrous counterpart appears as an obstacle for the player. Notably, the player has to remove him in order to proceed. Also, the player has to power up a crane to pick up Bron’s monstrous figure from his way. 

Besides that, we see him appearing in many cutouts throughout Chapter 2. It is vital to note that we expect to see his debut in Chapter 3, which is expected to be released in 2023. In fact, some fans are anticipating Bron as the leading antagonist of Chapter 3 from its teaser.

In addition, Bron Poppy’s Playtime Death is more likely to happen in the same chapter, as we can see his head falling off his body from the Chapter 3 teaser. 

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Bron’s death scene

Poppy Playtime Bron Appearance

Bron’s appearance is quite attractive. It appears as a red-colored toy brontosaurus. However, it is complemented by a yellow-colored underbelly, making its appearance exciting and lively.

poppy playtime Bron

Notably, his body shape is typical of a miniature-sized dinosaur. He has a long neck that is an exact dinosaur feature. In addition, his body shape is a rotund joint with four stubby limbs or legs. Each leg has three blue toes. Lastly, it has a long tail with a sharp pointed tip making it an exact dinosaur-inspired toy.

Likewise, his features hold a canny resemblance to numerous dinosaur species. Bron has a rounded head featuring a small snout and two big eyes intricate with eyebrows and eyelids. It is vital to note that the two blue large-size eyes with delicate eyebrows give him a perfect cartoon look that is true to the toyish element.

Importantly, Bron appears in the second Chapter of Poppy Playtime as a monster, so his monster looks like his counterpart. It’s just that Bron’s counterpart has large, goofy blue eyes and a friendly smile. The combination gives it a perfect monstrous look.

In addition, his monstrous look has gouged-out eyes leaving the empty sockets. Plus, you will see his mouth splitting into a psychotic and unnerving grin that adds to the spooky theme of the game. Lastly, his bright red-colored skin looks faded into a dull tangerine. Also, it has some cracks on it. To top of that, almost all of his body looks smeared with blood. And the blue toes are also peeled off. Overall, his monstrous look perfectly matches the central theme of the game.

Bron Poppy Playtime Personality

Bron’s personality adds a contrasting dimension to his funny appearance. He is a hardworking character who seems fully committed to his goals. For instance, he restricted himself to eating more than four thousand calories daily, and we see him following that rule.

In addition, he seems to have an athletic spirit and a robust body to do plenty of hard work. Besides, parallel to his cartoony appearance and uncanny resemblance to dinosaurs, we see him cracking jokes and puns about dinosaurs. It shows that he has a great sense of humor.

In chapter two, we see his dual personality, in which he first appeared as an easy-going and hardworking Bron. However, his character unfolds by the end of chapter 2, where he refers to himself as ‘the scariest dinosaur.’


Bron is a toy first created by Playtime Co. in 1961. It has now become a famous poppy playtime character. He makes his major debut in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2: Fly In The Web. However, we can also see him in the posters in the first chapter. 

Bron, the dinosaur, is not blind. Instead, he has two large eyes. However, the monster of Bron appears with gouged-out eyes with empty eye sockets, which means Bron, the monster is blind. 

Bron has an insane resemblance to dinosaurs. Subsequently, he has a long neck. Overall, he is 21m (69 ft) tall.

Playtime Company created Bron as an experiment to create their toys come to life.

Yes, Bron makes his major debut in chapter 2, in which his character unfolds to us. In the same chapter, he appears in his real spirit and his monster counterpart.

Wrapping Up | Bron Poppy Playtime

To conclude, Bron is a strong athlete-like character which is unusual to other soft and fluffy characters in the game. We see him having a robust body and athletic spirit that never let him get tired of doing hard work. 

In Chapter 1, we only see him in the poster as a background character. In contrast, Chapter 2 gives us a brief account of his personality, appearance, and role. He made his main debut in Chapter 2, where we see him in his real spirit and the monstrous. 

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